Saille the Willow ... balancing

Salleys, the willows,
the conduit between the moon and water 
and percussion 
of the tides of life.

The ebbs peaking to touch both worlds 

at Samhain and Solmain, a time now called Bealtaine, 
the two times of the year 
when the salmon fish challenge the upstream.

Then relaxing to the flows at each equinox

when our wisdom of change must be our own.
A flow time when no salley leaf has been born yet 
but is eager to be.

A flow time when no salley leaf has fallen

but embraced by the sun 
is called upon to join 
the regenerating earth once more.

Salleys tease childhood fancies

and enchant our waking dreams as we pass by.

Salleys speak to us.

Its why harp makers make soundboxes from them.

We weave salleys

to weave in our wishes and prayers 
to be released at the ebbs of the meeting worlds.

We wear salleys

to attract friendship and love, 
that graft us to an instinct of honour,

So salleys please breath on us.

It was to here that your spirit guided us. 
To here where our names are blessed upon us.
To here where the water you share baptises us.

To here where you charm us

into accepting who we are 
and who we will become.

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