my poem's mythology

balancing      sounding the fourth note of our Spring

experiencing the ebbs and flow of sorrow and joy

I have used a mythology story that tells of the Willow being a conduit between the moon and water while being the centre of the ebbs and flows of the tides of life. This mythology story tells of these ebbs and flows peaking at Beltaine and Samhain, the two times of the year when the salmon fish challenge the upstream.

Bards, through time, have shared stories of how Saille the Willow serves us the names that we carry in this world for others to identify us by. They have spoken of our names being confirmed through the blessing of water that flows beside willow trees under the light of the moon.

Stories have also been told  in parable to explain how naming is performed upon us to welcoming our arrival into this world. Our names, they say, are bonded to us to serve as an  inspiration to remind us and others about our vision, our destiny and our place among all things.

There was a time passed when our names changed through each rite of living that we passed through. That barely happens with most people now. With most of us, the names we are given at birth is what we keep.

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my Saille the Willow story poem explained ...

With this story poem I have given a fairly straight presentation of the mythology of the Willow, commencing with its association with the moon and water and the ebbs and flows of our life and all life.

I then move through some of the ways we use willow wood.

I complete this story poem by asking the Willow to bless us with our rightful names so, like the Willow, we can always live according to who we are and what we do on the land that supports us between the moon and the water.

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